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English Teaching Program

I. Application materials and entering requirements

Admission requirements:

1. The applicant holds foreign passports , and are in good health.

2. The applicant’s age should be of 18- 35.

3. The applicants should have the equivalent of Chinese high school education with good scores of math, physics and chemistry.

4. English level should be up to professional learning requirements.

Application Materials:

1. "Foreign Students Application Form of Beihua University";

2. The copy of the passport data page;

3. The notarized copies of high school or higher education academic certificate and school report (in Chinese or English);

4. English proficiency certificate


According to the documents of the Ministry of Education, since 2010 , China has received the residents of the mainland (mainland), Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in emigration as the international students after China entered the stage of learning the specialist, the applicants must hold a valid foreign passport or International documents for 4 years (or more), and in the last four years (the deadline is April 30 of the entry school year) they have the record to show they actually live in foreign countries for at least two years( living in foreign countries for 9 months can be considered as a year, subject to the exist and entry signature).

II. Application process

The applicants can apply for studying in Beihua University in any of the following ways:

Method 1: apply directly on the Internet

Method 2: submit applicant materials directly at the International Office of the Beihua University.

Method 3: download admission applicant form of international students to Beihua University, and send the filled form and other applicant forms to the mailbox of the International Office of the Beihua University via e-mails.


1. After receiving the complete materials, the International Office will conduct admission procedure if the inspection is qualified, and send Admission notice of Beihua University and visa application for study in China to the address offered by students after about 2 weeks.

2. Those who win admissions should apply for X visa for studying in China at Chinese embassies and consulates in their home countries with Admission notice of Beihua University and visa application foe study in China.

3. Those who win admission should report their arrival according to the time and place regulated on Admission notice of Beihua University. The university will not conduct admission procedure for those whose delayed admissions are not permitted by Beihua University.

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